About Emerge

The world needs a better way to educate our people.  Our finest young minds need access to the very best education.  Knowledge is growing at an exponential rate, but we still use an expensive, 10th century teaching approach without the benefit of our emerging technology solution.    The best teachers can only impact a small fraction of a percent of eligible students, and those few students must all travel to the teacher. 

As an interim step, pre-recorded lectures have been developed but are presented in a very sterile environment – zero interaction between the teacher and the student and among the students themselves.

USC in conjunction with Emerge Media has created a unique virtual educational experience powered by System73 - which is the future of education.The most gifted teachers can interact with students anywhere in the world in real time, in any numbers, giving your students an advantage.


Our Motto

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Our People


Jeremiah O’Brian, President and CEO:

Jeremiah is a thought leader and innovator in education at the highly-acclaimed USC School of Dramatic Arts. His search for teaching excellence along with his experience as the USC Ted Talk Coach led him to discover that effective, live presentation followed by student discussion is much more effective for the student to master new material than the old remote learning methodology of viewing recordings and taking tests. Students engaged with the teacher and each other are more effective at mastering the material. This led him to develop the Emerge technology and techniques for live streaming teaching and coaching. He has become a recognized leader in actor training, educational technology and persuasive speaking technique.


W. Michael Linn, Chairman

Michael is committed to the belief that we must and can make the best education possible available to all of our people. He has extensive experience in executive education and in developing and launching disruptive technologies. He was EVP of Sales and Marketing for Solomon Software the mid-market ERP system sold to Microsoft in 1999. He has a passion for developing young people having helped to develop an innovative process for Inua (www.inuapartners.org) to assist orphans to grow from poverty to self-sustainability. He wrote the artificial intelligence patent that is the design standard for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for controlling multi-building geothermal systems for military bases. He has managed global operations including in China and India.
Currently he is a director of Altisource (NASDAQ: ASPS) and Vice Chairman of Inua, Partners in Hope.
He is a graduate of Harvard Business School (MBA) and of Harvard College (BA - Cum Laude)


Chris Hogan, CRO

Chris is a seasoned growth leader in the streaming technology industry with unique expertise in the educational sector.  He is a customer-centric and passionate executive with a proven track record of transforming markets with breakthrough products.


Doron Paz, CTO

Doron is a talented technologist and leader who brings over 20 years of last mile networking and streaming experience to Emerge Media.  With a wealth of experience in building global streaming services, he leads the engineering team and the development of this (truly unique educational platform)