Our curricula is divided into four age cohorts:

Emerge Post-Graduate & Enterprise

Certification courses (College Credit)


Certification Courses (College Credit)

Emerge High School

  • Courses in Performing Arts, STEM and STEAM

  • Certification courses (College Credit)

  • College Prep Courses

  • Camps in home country

  • Camps at USC

Pre-High School

  • Programs and Courses in Performing Arts, STEM and STEAM (No College Credit - unless a prodigy that is directly admitted to the University)

  • Camps in home country

Camps not on the USC campus, along with certain Certificate and Course offerings, have flexible and customizable delivery options.  In addition to on-line, live streaming with world-class USC educators, Emerge can supplement the experience with on-site USC or local professors and U.S. or on-site teaching assistants/tutors for an additional charge.

Students best absorb educational material when they are in a structured environment that requires more than passive listening and reading.  Therefore, we recommend that courses and labs meet at regularly scheduled times (with review recordings available after presentations).  By interacting with both professors and fellow students, students are better able to internalize the subject matter.

Give your students the Emerge Advantage and plan their future.  Students can live, study and work where they want while leveraging resources from all over the globe. 

·       Enhance college acceptance through:

o   College Prep Courses and

o   Certificate Programs providing college credit.

Certificate Programs and Programs on Presentation Skills provide your students with a competitive advantage with the requisite college application essays and interviews to be accepted at the most elite colleges and universities around the world.

o Students enhance their earning power while facilitating the next generation economy.

Emerge is pleased to work with you to create a program that best fits your specific needs.

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